This edition’s Call for Artists is now open!

The key word is “TIME“.

We seek works that are inspired by the proposed theme, with a maximum duration of 10 minutes, in traditional animation, 2D, 3D, stop motion, motion graphics, photo slide-shows, short films, video art, music videos and mini-documentaries.

The submission deadline for projects is January 13th, 2013. In order to participate, you must complete the following form and send your work to:

We will contact all participants whose work has been selected before the event. The work should be sent to us in .mov or .avi.

The sky is the limit … Participate and project your imagination onto it!


What can you send? Anything which can be projected: an animation (Stop Motion, 3D, Motion Graphics, traditional, etc), photos, short films, music videos or video art, something which you saw on TV which you liked a lot, a piece of your favorite movie, anything you want…
All material has to be in .mov or .avi format.

Any material with sexual or violent content will have to be justified and even then we reserve the right to refuse it if we feel that it is inappropriate.

Remember that each event will have a theme to follow, which we will specify ahead of time so that you can prepare your presentation. The themes will have more than one meaning.

You can send material from anywhere in the world. Our street address is:

Calle Ample, 23, bajos
08002 Barcelona, Spain.

If you would like to upload something via ftp, please contact us.

Or e-mail us at

Information to include with your work: your name, nationality, profession, technique used in the piece, contact information (website or e-mail) and a description of your work that puts it into the context of the theme of the event, using no more than 75 words. If you cannot be present at the time of the event we will represent you, reading what you send us with as much love as if it were our own.

When submitting your work, please fill out the form.

This event is by and for all of us, so we ask you to limit your time “on stage” to 10 minutes maximum, so that everybody has the opportunity to participate. If your piece is longer than 10 minutes, you can show it to us and we will decide if there is enough time to project it (depending on the number of participants that day), so don´t hesitate if you have something longer.